2015 Emmaus

From the Desk of the Lay Director – Jan. 2015

Greeting Community, Happy New Year! I pray that this Christmas season was packed with blessings for everyone! As we jump into 2015, I want to first ask for your continued prayers for our Emmaus community at large and for the walks that will be taking place this year. I am certain that as we continue to lift up our community to him in prayer, and continue to to ensure that His name is glorified and His will is done through Emmaus, that He will be faithful to continue blessing all of us … [Read More...]

Kenny Rogers

Chrysalis – Jan 2015

As we move into this new year, I was reminded of new beginnings and fresh starts. Now I don’t know how many of you remember Kenny Roger’s song “The Gambler”, but it’s now featured in a Geico commercial so it’ll probably be stuck in your head the next time you see it. Which is a good thing in regards to the new year. How does this relate you ask? We all have stuff that we … [Read More...]