From the Desk of the Lay Director – Jan. 2017

Happy New Year everyone! 2017 is here, and as I reflect back on 2016 I pray this year will be a great one for everyone. We suffered some hard times last year in our homes, in our community, in our country and in the world. Many may say it was the best year ever and that's my prayer for you all this year. I don't know what this year holds, but I do know who holds it right in the palm of HIS mighty hand. He promised it and it's the promise I've held on to since my retirement four years ago. "I … [Read More...]

Chrysalis Jan. 2017

Good evening Llano Emmaus community. It has been a whirlwind of activities since I last reported. The fundraiser dinner was a huge success. There are not enough words to express the outpouring of Agape Love given to the fundraiser. We raised over $14,000 in meal and raffle tickets. A heart felt thank you to the supporters of this worthy cause, and to the support group … [Read More...]