From the Desk of the Lay Director – Aug 2018

I got to go home again.  I spent last weekend down in Southeast Texas (Beaumont) where I grew up.  The yards and houses of my childhood were so big then.  Boy, have they shrunk now.  It was miles to the railroad tracks where we played.  Funny, now it is only two blocks.  Our back yards did not have any fences.  We got to play from one house to another without going through gates and locks. But, the humidity!!!!!  I thought I remembered it but that it was not so bad. Oh No, It knocked me for a … [Read More...]

Chrysalis August 2018

Bad News or Good News You know the question…you want the good news or the bad news first?  I tend to always answer the question with tell me the bad first so I can end on the good.  So here it is: Time marches on and generations come and go just as the sun rises and sun sets, we are all going to die and chances are we will not be remembered three generations from now.  … [Read More...]

Almost Christian

On July 25, 1741, John Wesley introduced the idea of an almost Christian. After a discussion in my church home, I think an almost Christian is someone that has yet to relinquish full control to God, and still believes they can “earn” God’s grace; but how can a person earn something given freely? The almost Christian has yet to experience true brokenness. All Christians experience trials, but there is always one trial that forces us to our knees and makes us defer to God. Only when we are truly … [Read More...]