From the Desk of the Lay Director – July 2018

We got rain. It was a nice, gentle rain. I was all prepared to work on projects while listening to the rain. There is something soothing about rain drops (no hail, please). Unfortunately, our lights went out. This time I remembered where I stashed the flashlight and the lantern. So, now to plan B. I went to the door and noticed the lightening show. The lightning strikes were horizontal. I sat down and spent the hour quietly thinking, praying and watching the show. I think I needed that more … [Read More...]

Chrysalis July 2018

It’s Not About Me! I have been a little quiet these past few months. I am still here I promise! Many have reached out in love to check on me. Thank you. The prayers, texts, phone calls and hugs do not go unnoticed or unappreciated. I have been pondering lots these past few months since Joe’s stage 4 cancer diagnosis. I have had some pretty intense conversations with … [Read More...]

Almost Christian

On July 25, 1741, John Wesley introduced the idea of an almost Christian. After a discussion in my church home, I think an almost Christian is someone that has yet to relinquish full control to God, and still believes they can “earn” God’s grace; but how can a person earn something given freely? The almost Christian has yet to experience true brokenness. All Christians experience trials, but there is always one trial that forces us to our knees and makes us defer to God. Only when we are truly … [Read More...]