From the Desk of the Lay Director – October 2015

Hello Community, We, as a board, have been talking over the last few months about the state of our Community, and while there are a lot of good things going on we feel like it can be better...that we can do better at honoring God. Over the last couple of years or so we have had to cancel Walks and Chrysalis Journeys. We no longer have Chrysalis Flights because the interest was so low. We used to have 150 to 200 people at Community meetings. Don’t misunderstand. It is not about the Walk to … [Read More...]

Chrysalis – Oct 2015

Happy Fall! I pray everyone is getting back into the swing of things. Fall is here and with that comes change. I want to thank Denise Chumley as the Chrysalis Community Lay Director and Winfield Davenport as the Chrysalis Spiritual Director for their leadership this past year. They have hearts of gold and hearts for Christ. Mark Miller and I have huge shoes to fill. Thank … [Read More...]