From the Desk of the Lay Director – June 2017

De Colores Community, As I learn more about my role in God’s plan for my life I find that prayer, study, and community are the pillars of my journey.  At the May Community Gathering I shared with a few of you that I had been going through a very difficult time.  Due to the nature of the situation I could not share details regarding what I was going through, however; I knew that simply stating that I was facing a challenge would give others an opportunity to lift me and the situation up in … [Read More...]

Chrysalis May 2017

Hello community,  Looks like the third time is the charm. This weekend May 4-7, young mens chrysalis 32 takes place led by Justin Smith, and Winfield Davenport. You still have time to sign up participants. Remember it's an all EXPENSE PAID WEEKEND. This team has been put together in 30 days. Yes it is a unique situation, but sometimes God calls us to work outside of our … [Read More...]