From the Desk of the Lay Director – Nov 2018

Several years ago, I had a chance to go to Canada to see the leaves change color. I snapped and snapped pictures, but I realized I could not do them justice, so I put my camera up and just enjoyed the view. So many colors. Well, yesterday, I went again on a Fall Foliage Tour. But I did not have to go to Canada. There are beautiful trees in Lubbock. Go to the fountains on 82nd east of Kingsgate. Beautiful trees. We went down Indiana, more trees. And the sky was so blue. What a day to get to … [Read More...]

Chrysalis Sep 2018

We have some exciting Chrysalis news! 22 Young Women came to Journey #43 last weekend and the Lord moved in a mighty way. Sarah Tucker and team did a fantastic job. Many of these ladies reconnected to God and are now making disciples in their fourth days. Young Men’s Journey #35 is fasting approaching as well! September 13-16th 2018 Kelton Coleman is the LD. Send your … [Read More...]

Kairos Outside Needs You

Kairos Outside ministers to women who are at least twenty years old and have been impacted by incarceration.  Through the dedication of volunteers and support of the community, we have two Weekends every year for our Guests.  Kairos Outside provides a safe weekend to share life experiences, struggles, and to learn more about the unconditional love of God. After the weekend we still enjoy fellowship and support from our sisters, creating a family bonded by acceptance and understanding.  If you … [Read More...]