From the Desk of the Lay Director – Aug 2019

How can one little butterfly be so tough and so beautiful at the same time?  Their endless energy is amazing from their powerful little colorful wings.  They never stop as they are busy all day.  As the sun begins to set, they too are ready to fold their little wings together and fall to sleep.  They start all over the next day on their journey of life.

Granny across the street from me is a precious woman who loves butterflies.  She had a very special gift of time with her son who went home to Jesus above and it had to do with the beauty of what her son shared with her.   Granny said let the butterfly go son.  It flew away he told her as her own son was preparing her for his departure.  He knew his time was near.  Her son went too.  Letting go is hard in life. Granny released her son when she gently said let him go son.   Granny shared many things with me about her son and they both loved butterflies. It was hard for Granny yet she persevered.  It was time for her birthday and I thought what would bless her heart and it became my heart’s desire to get her a butterfly shrub.  Today the tiny shrub is up past their fence with beautiful purple blooms and her heart now blooms too. She has a swing where she looks at the blooms and the countless butterflies that visits her big butterfly tree.   Yes, Granny does do all things unto the Lord as she knows who gives her the strength it is Him unto her.  What a blessing for that family.

When we ask the Holy Spirt to come…He comes.  When a person believes in Christ, the Holy Spirit immediately becomes a permanent part of one’s life.  How very comforting that is, we are never alone.

Some of her butterflies come to my front yard last year and I had some wild flowers planted and a few nosed around them but they loved my purple flowers.  What I didn’t know about butterflies they have a little attitude.  I came whizzing around the corner with my red lawnmower and they did not like it, they came to my lawnmower and zoomed all around it.  I shut it off and did not disturb the butterflies!  

It is of the Hand of God our Creator who created that little delicate butterfly.  What wings of perseverance through their journey of travels that they endure?  May we too continue our effort to do our best to achieve something, to despite difficulties, failures or opposition… remember to reach up with your left hand unto His Right Hand.  For He is with you in all things, He is your strength, He is in your heart in the Spirit within you.  We have our tender moments like the butterflies do.  How blessed we are to have the Holy Spirit with us.  

Granny is awesome and not to long ago she blew out all her candles and YES Granny is still swinging!!!  


August 1st Mercy Retreat Center This is following the sendoff for Women’s Walk #150.   It will be in the Dining Room with the service held in there.  There will not be a meal.  Please consider bringing food agape for the walk.  Please bring this into the building after candlelight.


6:00 Babe Chick Meeting

6:00 Meals

7:00 to 8:00 Worship


Sept 5, Indiana Ave. Baptist Church, Lubbock, TX

Oct 3, Agape Methodist UMC, Lubbock, TX

Nov 7, Hope Lutheran, Lubbock, TX

Dec 5, Canyon Methodist UMC, TX

Phone Blast: Reminders occur on the first Wednesday of the month @ 11:00 am.  Donna Campbell is the phone blaster.  If you would like to receive this monthly reminder please contact her at 806-789-1008.

Board Members:  Please feel free to contact any board members with any questions you might have.


August 1-4, 2019 Women’s Walk #150, Shelly Walker

August 29 – 9/01 Young Women’s Chrysalis #45 Cindy Hunt

September 12 – 15 Young Men’s Chrysalis #37, Chad Grimes

September 19 – 27 Kairos Outside #18, Ronda Menefee

October 24 – 27 Women’s #151, Laurie McCabe

November 07 – 10, Kairos #42

De Colores,
Karen Cox 

From the Desk of the Lay Director – July 2019

I had an opportunity to go to a barbecue last month where several companies were thanking their customers for using their services. It was a huge gathering and the brothers who all own different businesses were the cooks of the fajitas and all the veggies and it smelled so good. You could tell it was a family unit and they were so very polite and welcoming. They had games for the kids going on everywhere. It was nice and shady as they were at one of the brother’s warehouses. They had all their lights out in trees, all kinds of tables set up, big umbrellas everywhere. The ladies had prepared wonderful dishes and lovely desserts too. It was time to eat and we followed the crowd. I had followed two friends out there from Lubbock and we were stationed at a big long high table with high chairs and we got back with our food and it was so good. Be mindful now, I just had stitches from below my nose to my upper lip and could barely chew very well. A big gust of wind burst through our table and I was looking down and held my plate, raised my head to see what was happening and all I remember were two plates of food in my face. I just shook my head and laughed, the whole placed laughed… yes, I did go clean up the left overs on me off.

What touched my heart the most that day was a little 4-year-old boy. He said to me, “you funny, you got dirty.” I said “I sure do and I smell like a fajita”. He goes “yay”. Immediately he smiled at me and I smiled back as big as he smiled at me. I came back to sit down at our table. As he went by me, he only had one arm and no legs and he had special braces for him, he could crawl on the ground real fast and he looked up at me and waved as he walked away to play. I waved both hands at him. I thought Oh Lord help him; he can become an overcomer in Christ Jesus in You. I watched him till the sun was about to set. He wanted to play washers… he would stand right over it and slam that washer right into the box and lift his hand into the air and say Yay whether it went in or not. As the band began to play and the sun was getting lower and lower with the orange background, I could see him beside the band playing his hand as if he were playing the guitar and he was spinning and dancing and it made him shine like a jewel… in the beauty of the sunset.

May the Lord bless this child who is an overcomer in his circumstances of life…in the Name of Jesus Christ and to You Be the Glory Lord. Amen.

July 11th Oakwood Methodist…2215 58th …806-792-3321

• Aug. 1st Mercy Retreat Center…Slaton TX, service in dining room after send off
• Sept. 5th Indiana Ave. Baptist Church…9705 Indiana Ave. 797-9704
(go to the back of the church on NE side to park, enter from the back) at IABC
• Oct. 3rd Agape Methodist Church 1215 Slide Rd. 799-8691
• Nov. 7th Hope Lutheran 5700 98th 798-2747
• Dec 5th Canyon UMC 217 Farm to Market RD 1729 763-0519

New Hours Now in Place!!!
6:00 Babe Chick Meeting 6:00 Meals 7:00 to 8:00 Worship

Phone Blast: Reminders occur on the first Wednesday of the month@ 11:00am. Donna Campbell is phone blaster. If you would like to receive this monthly reminder please contact her at 806-789-1008.

Board Members: Community members please feel free to contact any members with any questions you may have.

Media Person: We still need your help 6-8 people desperately for those of you who have media talents…so we can have a rotation of members to take the load off of one person. We need a team of people who could be on a rotation and bring unity of balance for those who serve in this capacity. Contact Donna Campbell, 806-789-1008.

Upcoming Walks
• June 20-23, 2019 Women’s Walk #149, Jennifer Kline
• August 1-4, 2019 Women’s Walk #150, Shelly Walker
• August 29-9/01, 2019 Young Women’s Chrysalis #45, Cindy Hunt
• September 12-15, 2019 Young Men’s Chrysalis #37, Chad Grimes
• September 19-22, 2019 Men’s Walk #105, Wade Bouffard
• September 27-29, 2019, Kairos Outside #18, Ronda Menefee
• October 24-27, 2019 Women’s Walk #151, Laurie McCabe
• November 07-10, Kairos #42

De Colores,
Karen Cox
Community Lay Director

From the Desk of the Lay Director – June 2019

I was zooming by a Whataburger here in Lubbock. The color orange had caught my hungry attention.  I drove in and got my burger and headed home.  The bicycle I saw here today caused me to reflect upon the revelation of a past journey here. It’s funny now but was not funny then, for sure.   

My wonderful hamburger was ready, but the young man said the manager is coming to speak to you. There was a problem because they ran a pen over the $20 bill and declared it a counterfeit. What did I do?  

The next thing I knew, a DPS trooper was in my car window and the police were on the way. I had given the trooper all of my money so they could check it with that little pen…$800 and all 20’s.  You see, I had been to Alaska for a week and half and returned from a cruise, flying into Lubbock from Seattle. The rest of my money passed the little pen’s accountability test.

Well, in life, that $20 counterfeit bill that I handled allowed me to meet some more people: the FBI agent, a secret service agent and the counterfeit people, plus lovely calls from the court house. A couple of weeks went by while I was waiting to be contacted.  Then the call came to me that I could come to the police property building and pick up my property…the $20 bill.

So, I called the courthouse. “Yes,” they said, “you are clear of all things.” It didn’t make any logical sense to me.  Was I ever relieved, yet I drove to the property building to pick up my $20. As it turns out, the lady told me the people in charge figured out it was from a person who used a Downy rinse in the washing machine. 

Here is the good news, there was a young couple in front of me and they kept looking around at me.  We were the only 3 people in there plus the policewoman who was in the property room and armed.  The guy kept looking back at me and said Momma, you ok, you got this…said it 2 more times then I raised my eyes up unto their eyes and I knew they knew me and I saw the eyes of children I once taught some 25 years ago. They walked by me and said Momma you got this…out the door they went.   Did I ever run my legs off to catch them.  After I could breathe from sprinting, I said to them your eyes are something a teacher never forgets and now I see the Jesus in your eyes…in prayer we prayed for the future ahead that they may have and continue to celebrate Our Lord and Savior and we will meet again!  

What happened to the $20? I turned it into the bank I told them I do not want this bill, get me another one please and bring your little pen. I want to see if it is for real. What a burger!!! That is my turning point at Whataburger to turn into my neighborhood that makes me snicker every time I go by it. 

In the indwelling of the Holy Spirit we are so blessed to be available to greater depths than you can even imagine.  Friendship with the Spirit is one of God’s greatest gift to us.  How beautiful it is to spend time with Him in listening and allowing Him to work in your heart and life.  May your time in prayer be filled with new levels of friendship with the Spirit of God dwelling within you.  He is an incredible gift giver…and let us keep our Jesus winks on the path of our walks in life in HIM…unto others of our hands and feet of servanthood…. To Him Be All Glory and Honor in the Name of Jesus Christ.  Amen.


June 6, 2019 – Lakeridge UMC, 4701 82nd St. We will meet and gather in the Fellowship Hall… aka food, fellowship music and the community service will be in there instead of the Big Church. Thank you for bringing your food. We also thank you for clearing the tables for worship in the Fellowship Hall. Thank you, Community members, for us all working together.


New hours now in place:
6:00 Babe Chick meetings
6:00 Meals
7:00 to 8:00 Worship


• July 11th, Oakwood UMC, Lubbock, TX
• August 1st, TBA
• Sept. 5, Indiana Ave. Baptist Church, Lubbock, TX

Phone Blast: Reminders occur on the first Wednesday of the month @ 11:00 am.  Donna Campbell is the phone blaster.  If you would like to receive this monthly reminder please contact her at 806-789-1008.

Board members:  Please feel free to contact any board members with any questions you might have.

Media Person:  We still need your help desperately from those of you who have wonderful talents in the media area.  You are needed in this ministry…so it can help to have a rotation of members, to take the load off of the same person having to do this time after time.  Again I would love to have 6 to 8 people who could be on a rotation.  We need a team…of unity to bring balance for those who serve.  The contact people are Donna Campbell, 806-789-1008 and Francis Daniels, 806-441-0808. 


• June 20-23, 2019 Women’s Walk #149, Jennifer Kline
• August 1-4, 2019 Women’s Walk #150, Shelly Walker
• August 29- 9/01 Young Women’s Chrysalis #45 Cindy Hunt
• September 12 – 15 Young Men’s Chrysalis #37, Chad Grimes
• September 19 – 22 Men’s Walk #105, Wade Bouffard 
• September 27 – 29 Kairos Outside #18, Ronda Menefee
• October 24 -27 Women’s Walk #151, Laurie McCabe
• November 07-10, Kairos #42

De Colores,
Karen Cox
Community Lay Director 

From the Desk of the Lay Director – May 2019

Karen Cox

Good morning, Emmaus Community!  I am writing this on beautiful Easter Sunday, and I look up and thank Him we can stand on His Word—His eternal plan for us.  May the joy of the Lord wake you up each day.  May your path be smooth—smooth as peanut butter.  Have you ever tasted a warm peanut butter cookie when you were hungry?  It melts in your mouth, goes to your stomach and into your heart due to the kindness of another’s hand.  You take another bite of it and smile back real BIG—back at the hand that fed you, amazed—how kind it was of them to do that.  It totally got my attention and I watched the eyes of Christ in that lovely person as I finished that cookie.  A lifelong blessing it was and still is!  May we follow as His disciples with hunger and passion on His journey and path for each of us—daily.  Just like the two disciples on the path with Jesus to Emmaus who recognized Jesus when He broke the bread, may we recognize Him too as He lives in our hearts each day.  May we be watching for Him!

Please give a smile and a hug to Donna Campbell for a wonderful year of true servanthood!  She is a person who loves Emmaus, and yes, she is a working member one more year on the Emmaus Board.  She has also been known as the camera person, so you have probably seen her on earlier Walks and will no doubt see her taking team photos on future Walks!  


We welcome all who have gone on Walks to be part of our Emmaus family, whether you attended your Walk in the ‘80’s, 90’s or a year ago.  Come and enjoy the monthly Community meetings—YES, YES, YES LORD we love and welcome all who have gone on Walks!  May He stoke all of our hearts, turning embers into a fire within as we worship His Holy Name with great passion.  He knows our voices—your voice—and He loves to hear you speaking to Him!

On Easter, I received a call from someone who said they are aware of two people who went on a Walk fifteen years ago, but have never been contacted to work on a Walk.  That broke my heart.  May we reach out to those who were on earlier Walks and welcome them to our family!

To help with this, please make sure you update your information on the database.  Also, make it a priority to come on the first Thursday of each month to attend Community—a time to sing, fellowship, and receive the Lord’s sacraments.  May we be praying for a renewal of hearts!  Come as you can throughout this area, because we are One in Him!  We are always so joyous to see someone we haven’t seen at Community for a while as we share in the joy of the Lord!  Community, please come and be His servants—His hands and feet.


We will meet at Mercy Center on the patio on Thursday, May 2nd, at 6:30 for Send Off for the Chrysalis men.    Community will meet after Send Off at approximately 7:15 at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church.  We won’t have a meal that night but feel free to bring food agape for the Chrysalis men.  

Phone Blast reminders occur on the first Wednesday of the month at about 11:00 AM.  Donna Campbell will continue to do the Phone Blast.  If you would like to receive this monthly reminder, please contact her at 806 789 1008.

Board Members:  The Board is currently full.  Please feel free to contact any Board member with any questions you might have.

Media Person:  We currently have two people doing the media for the Community meetings, Candlelight, and Closing.  We desperately need more people to help with this vital portion of our ministry.  I would love for us to have at least six to eight people who could help, and they could then rotate for the various meetings.  Please pray about this ministry opportunity—it is an urgent need!  Please contact Donna Campbell at 806-789-1008 or Francis Daniels at 806-441-0808 if you would like more information about this.  

Looking forward to seeing YOU at the next Community Meeting at Mercy Center on May 2nd!

De Colores,

Karen Cox