From the Desk of the Lay Director – Oct. 2019

It is often a good lesson to look at a word.  It is also a beautiful treasure to your heart to be in the Word daily.  I was looking at the word October.  Octo means eight in Latin.  When I looked it up it dates back to more than 2,000 years ago in the ancient Roman calendar. Why do we abbreviate it 10/1?  The eight became the 10 way back then!

The season begins to change in October. It turns a bit cooler, some leaves begin to fall, the days get shorter, and what was growing in our flower beds slow down. A new best winter plant gets planted because it can stand the winter coldness.

Have you ever wondered what flower was Jesus’s favorite? Then I thought, “any and everything He makes is perfect.”  The leaves change colors of yellow, orange and deep red up here.  My first fall here in Lubbock was beautiful and colorful and I had never ever seen colored leaves before.  I grew up with palm trees and tiny mesquite trees.

The beauty of His hand of décor is stunning upon the land He created.  It is amazing beyond words. Matthew 19:26 “With God all things are possible.”  Octo is 8.  God’s perfect number of completions.  Mankind changes things as it was in the beginning hands on instead of hands off.  Trust unto God that we must do in obedience unto his will and his way.

One morning I awoke extremely, early hopped in my truck and went to Palo Duro. I had taken the elements for communion, my Bible, my walking stick, flashlight, and 5 waters with me.  I was shining my flashlight for a while and off to the east the orange horizon was slowly coming up.  I thought I heard a coyote or two.  As the light came up, so did the surrounding sound of coyotes, As I went further down the trail,  I came to a stop and thought they were all around me. I just couldn’t see them.  All I had was my hiking stick. “Oh my, here are rocks,” so I put them in my pockets and tossed a few in each direction.  I didn’t hear them anymore, so I assumed the rocks made an impact on them. Things seemed normal and I continued on my way.  

Then to my surprise a solid red cloud of hundreds of male cardinals landed in the shrubs 20 feet away.  I tiptoed away from them and was soon nearing the next stop. As before, the journey went upward to the Lighthouse. I thought, “I am the only person out here so I will read in a teacher’s voice out loud and read Psalms 98, 99 & 100” … at that point I understood His care that was over me in peace.   I put my Bible in my back pack and started the climb upward. 

Once I reached the Lighthouse, I sat for a while in the peace of the beauty of the wilderness. I read silently unto my soul of Habakkuk’s Prayer.  I dangled my feet over the ledge as I took communion there and sat still, looking up.  The colors throughout that area are stunning… simply beyond words.  I had one more surprise. Those hundreds of cardinals flew south over the Lighthouse and they were heading to South Texas for the winter in the valley down south. It was so beautiful.

Hinds feet are needed in all of our travels in our journey of life of perseverance.  Faith in God adds a new ingredient.  We have to look beyond our present troubles to a larger perspective.  Faith assures us that even when things seem so helpless, our all-powerful God will restore us.

Be blessed, be strong and be beautiful in Him…In the Name of Jesus Christ and to Him be the honor and Glory.   Amen

Karen Cox  

Community Meeting

 Oct. 3rd, Agape Methodist UMC is hosting our next Community Meeting.  Please join us for fellowship and worship.  It is located on 1215 Slide Road.  

Our Hours That Are in Place for Activities

6:00 Babe Chick Meeting
6:00 Meals
7:00 to 8:00 Worship

Upcoming Gatherings

November 7th, Oakwood Methodist UMC, Lubbock, Tx  2215 58 ST
December 5th, Canyon Methodist UMC Lub, Tx,  217 FM to Market RD 1729
January 9th, Oakwood Methodist UMC Lubbock, Tx  2215 58th ST

Phone Blast:  Reminders occur on the first Wednesday of the month @ 11:00 am.  Donna Campbell is the phone blaster.  If you would like to receive this monthly reminder please contact her at 806-789-1008.

Board Members:  Please feel free to contact any board members with any questions you might have.

Upcoming Walks

• October 24-27 Women’s Walk #151, Laurie McCabe
• Nov.07-10 Kairos #42
• January 16-19, 2020 Men’s Walk# 106, Swade Moyers
• February 20-23, Women’s Walk #152, Lori Lusk

Community Lay Director


Ladies and Gentlemen who are Past Lay Directors, if you have a passion of heart to serve and you have the desire to nominate yourself as a possible nominee for becoming a Community Lay Director please contact Karen Cox, (806) 773-5559 and leave your contact information on my voicemail. 

Your window of time is September 9th through September 23rd to respond unto Karen Cox if you desire to possibly undertake this job. 

Our board room has nominated people and their nominees are in already.  My thoughts were to open up and include our Past Lay Directors from our community.  Please pray over this position and listen to the LORD and know this is a big job to undertake. It would entail serving as an Assistant Community Lay Director during my term of 6 months that are left and my term ends March 31, 2020. Your job starts April 1st, 2020.  Be aware you will still have another year as a Past Community Lay Director as well.

This has been a different voting procedure in Llano Estacado Emmaus Community.  The board has voted in their nominees already unto me and you Past Lay Directors are welcome to put your names in as well. One of our goals is to include the community.

October 3rd is our community meeting at Agape United Methodist Church and perhaps we will have an answer who will serve as our Assistant Community Lay Director. 

Community Past Lay Directors thank you very much.  Please remember the window of time:  September 9th – Sept. 23rd.     806-773-5559 (Karen Cox)  


Karen Cox
Community Lay Director

From the Desk of the Lay Director – Sep. 2019

Where does my help come?  Have you ever said HELP out loud in a moment of fear, an accident, a tragedy, or of a need of a safety issue?  So, when your world turns dark and your journey rugged where do you turn for help?  What is the source of the confidence you need to face the headwinds of life?

 Growing up by the Gulf of Mexico, outside of Corpus Christi just a bit, was a wonderful time of discovery for me as I loved to beach comb and to swim. Being an only child, I had no problems with being bored. I was always into something  adventurous.  My parents fished most of the time, all day, in one spot.  I knew not to kick stingrays, touch jelly fish and leave Portuguese man-of wars alone. I would wander off down the coastline towards Brownsville in my tractor size inner-tube, free as a bird floating for hours. It was a given one of my parents would come for me for several hours later.  

I had no fear. I would go out far from the shore to get past the crashing waves to stillness in a fast-moving current. The beauty of it was to be still, in awe of the blue water and it was fun as my inner-tube traveled. The other thing I knew was that a current can sneak up on you and from this wave and it could totally slam your face down into a wipeout. I drifted back into a sand bar pool of two cuts as it is safer than being too far out.  I was so enjoying this peaceful time thinking “how in the world was the world made like this.”  Fortunately, my grandparents moved there that year.  My grandmother told me she prayed for me and, what little she said, I knew within me God must have made this world.  

I just relaxed, stretched out my long arms and long legs and THEN I saw the eyes of the shark right by me. It was circling my feet, coming around again. I pulled in my arms and the only thing out there was my head and my feet. I yelled “God get me out of this!” Suddenly, a wave slammed over into the sand bar throwing me out of the inner-tube into the next gully. I swam like a ballistic bullet to the shore.  

How very important it is to cry out to God for HELP!  Know that Psalm 121 encourages us in all situations of the word help, yes, He does hear and HE does care.  Psalm121:1-2 “I lift up my eyes to the hills – where does my help come from?  My help comes from the LORD, the maker of heaven and earth.”

How blessed we all are in this Psalm as He watches over us all with no sleep. He is our protector and will keep us from harm, and will watch over your life and your coming and going, NOW and Forever.

What a blessing, Lord, and may this community be blessed and fellow brothers and sisters in Christ as well.  How we thank you, oh Lord, for your love, help and guidance in all of our paths in our servant’s heart unto to YOU!  In the Name of Jesus Christ and we give you all honor and Glory.  Amen   


Karen  Cox 


Sept 5th, is at Indian Avenue Baptist Church.  The best way to find the meeting place is to turn in on the NE side of the church and go towards the back of the church on section 7 by the blue dumpsters. 


6:00 Babe Chick Meeting
6:00 Meals
7:00 to 8:00 Worship


• Sept 5, Indiana Ave. Baptist Church, Lubbock, TX     9507 Indiana Ave
• Oct 3, Agape Methodist UMC, Lubbock, TX      1215 Slide Road   
• Nov 7 Oakwood UMC, Lubbock Tx.    2215 58th St.
• Dec 5, Canyon Methodist UMC, TX  217 FM to Market Rd 1729

Phone Blast: Reminders occur on the first Wednesday of the month @ 11:00 am.  Donna Campbell is the phone blaster.  If you would like to receive this monthly reminder please contact her at 806-789-1008.

Board Members:  Please feel free to contact any board members with any questions you might have.


• September 12 – 15 Young Men’s Chrysalis #37, Chad Grimes
• September 19 – 27 Kairos Outside #18, Ronda Menefee
• October 24 – 27 Women’s #151, Laurie McCabe
• November 07 – 10, Kairos #42

Please Community Help needed as soon as possible on a couple of things.

#1 We need the communities help with a Communion Team to prepare and take down community elements.  We need these leaders to step up in a servant’s heart please.   That would include the community meetings, candlelight and closing. We only have 3 men’s walks and 4 women’s walks. If you are interested please leave a message, phone #, and your name.  Karen Cox 806-773-5559  

#2 We need a person (male or female) to be the coordinator of the Men’s. Prayer Vigil.  It requires a leader to step up and be there monthly to keep that prayer vigil continuing.  Contact Donna Campbell, 806-789-1008   

God Bless our days ahead and unto Him All Glory and Honor.


Karen Cox 

From the Desk of the Lay Director – Aug 2019

How can one little butterfly be so tough and so beautiful at the same time?  Their endless energy is amazing from their powerful little colorful wings.  They never stop as they are busy all day.  As the sun begins to set, they too are ready to fold their little wings together and fall to sleep.  They start all over the next day on their journey of life.

Granny across the street from me is a precious woman who loves butterflies.  She had a very special gift of time with her son who went home to Jesus above and it had to do with the beauty of what her son shared with her.   Granny said let the butterfly go son.  It flew away he told her as her own son was preparing her for his departure.  He knew his time was near.  Her son went too.  Letting go is hard in life. Granny released her son when she gently said let him go son.   Granny shared many things with me about her son and they both loved butterflies. It was hard for Granny yet she persevered.  It was time for her birthday and I thought what would bless her heart and it became my heart’s desire to get her a butterfly shrub.  Today the tiny shrub is up past their fence with beautiful purple blooms and her heart now blooms too. She has a swing where she looks at the blooms and the countless butterflies that visits her big butterfly tree.   Yes, Granny does do all things unto the Lord as she knows who gives her the strength it is Him unto her.  What a blessing for that family.

When we ask the Holy Spirt to come…He comes.  When a person believes in Christ, the Holy Spirit immediately becomes a permanent part of one’s life.  How very comforting that is, we are never alone.

Some of her butterflies come to my front yard last year and I had some wild flowers planted and a few nosed around them but they loved my purple flowers.  What I didn’t know about butterflies they have a little attitude.  I came whizzing around the corner with my red lawnmower and they did not like it, they came to my lawnmower and zoomed all around it.  I shut it off and did not disturb the butterflies!  

It is of the Hand of God our Creator who created that little delicate butterfly.  What wings of perseverance through their journey of travels that they endure?  May we too continue our effort to do our best to achieve something, to despite difficulties, failures or opposition… remember to reach up with your left hand unto His Right Hand.  For He is with you in all things, He is your strength, He is in your heart in the Spirit within you.  We have our tender moments like the butterflies do.  How blessed we are to have the Holy Spirit with us.  

Granny is awesome and not to long ago she blew out all her candles and YES Granny is still swinging!!!  


August 1st Mercy Retreat Center This is following the sendoff for Women’s Walk #150.   It will be in the Dining Room with the service held in there.  There will not be a meal.  Please consider bringing food agape for the walk.  Please bring this into the building after candlelight.


6:00 Babe Chick Meeting

6:00 Meals

7:00 to 8:00 Worship


Sept 5, Indiana Ave. Baptist Church, Lubbock, TX

Oct 3, Agape Methodist UMC, Lubbock, TX

Nov 7, Hope Lutheran, Lubbock, TX

Dec 5, Canyon Methodist UMC, TX

Phone Blast: Reminders occur on the first Wednesday of the month @ 11:00 am.  Donna Campbell is the phone blaster.  If you would like to receive this monthly reminder please contact her at 806-789-1008.

Board Members:  Please feel free to contact any board members with any questions you might have.


August 1-4, 2019 Women’s Walk #150, Shelly Walker

August 29 – 9/01 Young Women’s Chrysalis #45 Cindy Hunt

September 12 – 15 Young Men’s Chrysalis #37, Chad Grimes

September 19 – 27 Kairos Outside #18, Ronda Menefee

October 24 – 27 Women’s #151, Laurie McCabe

November 07 – 10, Kairos #42

De Colores,
Karen Cox 

From the Desk of the Lay Director – July 2019

I had an opportunity to go to a barbecue last month where several companies were thanking their customers for using their services. It was a huge gathering and the brothers who all own different businesses were the cooks of the fajitas and all the veggies and it smelled so good. You could tell it was a family unit and they were so very polite and welcoming. They had games for the kids going on everywhere. It was nice and shady as they were at one of the brother’s warehouses. They had all their lights out in trees, all kinds of tables set up, big umbrellas everywhere. The ladies had prepared wonderful dishes and lovely desserts too. It was time to eat and we followed the crowd. I had followed two friends out there from Lubbock and we were stationed at a big long high table with high chairs and we got back with our food and it was so good. Be mindful now, I just had stitches from below my nose to my upper lip and could barely chew very well. A big gust of wind burst through our table and I was looking down and held my plate, raised my head to see what was happening and all I remember were two plates of food in my face. I just shook my head and laughed, the whole placed laughed… yes, I did go clean up the left overs on me off.

What touched my heart the most that day was a little 4-year-old boy. He said to me, “you funny, you got dirty.” I said “I sure do and I smell like a fajita”. He goes “yay”. Immediately he smiled at me and I smiled back as big as he smiled at me. I came back to sit down at our table. As he went by me, he only had one arm and no legs and he had special braces for him, he could crawl on the ground real fast and he looked up at me and waved as he walked away to play. I waved both hands at him. I thought Oh Lord help him; he can become an overcomer in Christ Jesus in You. I watched him till the sun was about to set. He wanted to play washers… he would stand right over it and slam that washer right into the box and lift his hand into the air and say Yay whether it went in or not. As the band began to play and the sun was getting lower and lower with the orange background, I could see him beside the band playing his hand as if he were playing the guitar and he was spinning and dancing and it made him shine like a jewel… in the beauty of the sunset.

May the Lord bless this child who is an overcomer in his circumstances of life…in the Name of Jesus Christ and to You Be the Glory Lord. Amen.

July 11th Oakwood Methodist…2215 58th …806-792-3321

• Aug. 1st Mercy Retreat Center…Slaton TX, service in dining room after send off
• Sept. 5th Indiana Ave. Baptist Church…9705 Indiana Ave. 797-9704
(go to the back of the church on NE side to park, enter from the back) at IABC
• Oct. 3rd Agape Methodist Church 1215 Slide Rd. 799-8691
• Nov. 7th Hope Lutheran 5700 98th 798-2747
• Dec 5th Canyon UMC 217 Farm to Market RD 1729 763-0519

New Hours Now in Place!!!
6:00 Babe Chick Meeting 6:00 Meals 7:00 to 8:00 Worship

Phone Blast: Reminders occur on the first Wednesday of the month@ 11:00am. Donna Campbell is phone blaster. If you would like to receive this monthly reminder please contact her at 806-789-1008.

Board Members: Community members please feel free to contact any members with any questions you may have.

Media Person: We still need your help 6-8 people desperately for those of you who have media talents…so we can have a rotation of members to take the load off of one person. We need a team of people who could be on a rotation and bring unity of balance for those who serve in this capacity. Contact Donna Campbell, 806-789-1008.

Upcoming Walks
• June 20-23, 2019 Women’s Walk #149, Jennifer Kline
• August 1-4, 2019 Women’s Walk #150, Shelly Walker
• August 29-9/01, 2019 Young Women’s Chrysalis #45, Cindy Hunt
• September 12-15, 2019 Young Men’s Chrysalis #37, Chad Grimes
• September 19-22, 2019 Men’s Walk #105, Wade Bouffard
• September 27-29, 2019, Kairos Outside #18, Ronda Menefee
• October 24-27, 2019 Women’s Walk #151, Laurie McCabe
• November 07-10, Kairos #42

De Colores,
Karen Cox
Community Lay Director