Chrysalis Aug 2017

Good evening community,

As I sit on my back porch giving thanks for the much needed rain that our Father sent, I’m reminded of the BLESSINGS we receive each and every day. One of those blessings is Emmaus, and the different programs it has – be it Kairos, Epiphany, Walks, or Chrysalis flights.

We are starting our Fall campaign with Chrysalis flights. The young ladies flight will be held August 31st through September 3rd with Susan Gillespie leading the flight. The young men’s flight will be held September 14th thru the 17th with Dustin Johnson leading the flight. The young ladies team has come together and the young men’s team is coming together. Now we ask you, as a community, to fill these slots up with caterpillars. Remember, this is no-cost for the caterpillars. It’s all scholarships, so there should be no reason for money to stop a prospective caterpillars.

So if you know of a young lady or young man between the ages of 18 to 24, sign them up. I promise they will be thoroughly blessed, as will the sponsors.

Fly with Christ,
David Hunt