Chrysalis Dec 2015

Kim Smith EmmausNo one wants to go through difficult periods alone. No one likes to stand up and be the lone voice. We want to know someone has our back or is standing with us. We carry out our responsibilities better when we encourage one another. As we enter the Christmas season, we can strengthen our relationships when we offer our support and encouragement to others. Our ultimate calling is to lead others to place of greater commitment to God.

Please be in prayer of someone God wants you to ask to be a part of the upcoming Chrysalis in January. Remember there is no cost to send a caterpillar on a Chrysalis. So please don’t let that hinder you from asking a young person to a Chrysalis. Kayla Watson and her team are preparing for the Chrysalis that will be held January 7-10. Trapper Burris is preparing for his first team meeting this Saturday. This journey is January 28-31. Thank you Kayla and Trapper for answering God’s call. We already have several caterpillars ready to go, so as I said before, be in prayer about who God wants you to ask, you don’t know until you ask!

I wanted to remind you again about our Annual Scholarship Dinner. It will be held December 12 at the Bayer Crop Science Museum of Agriculture. It is come and go from 5:30-9:00 p.m. Tickets are $30 (please remember this is a fund raiser) and you have a choice of Prime Rib, Pork Loin or Steak with all the fixings, drinks and entertainment. I realize Graduation is that weekend also, but what better way to feed family & friends that have come into town, than to take them to a great meal while helping to replenish our scholarship fund. Please see any Chrysalis Board member for tickets or more information. All funds go directly into our Scholarship fund for future Journeys. I thank you in advance for your support.
Fly with Christ,
Kim Smith