Chrysalis Dec 2016

david-huntHello community,

The Chrysalis community will be responsible for the service at our next community meeting. This Thursday night, December 1st, you will get to witness communion a little different from way we normally take communion. Mime communion, this is part of the chrysalis program that introduces caterpillars to GOD’S love. There is no telling how many of these communions I’ve witnessed, through previews, or communities. One thing I do know is, that everyone of them is thought provoking. By that communion as a whole is a very humbling experience. Can you, as a parent, give up one of your own to sacrifice for the sake of human kind?

When I came back from my walk fifteen years ago, communion was the ONE thing I looked forward to at my church. After visiting with my pastor about communion, he informed me that communion Sundays were the least attended. That was, and still is, hard to comprehend. Next time you’re at church, quietly observe the attendance.

To me communion Sunday, should be the time the parking lot is the fullest, not the emptiest. Which brings me back to whole jest of this note. Mime communion is very powerful way of showing GOD’S LOVE.

The chrysalis board will be around during the meeting, peddling raffle tickets and dinner tickets for our annual FUNDRAISER SUPPER. The money raised during this meal will help fund our flights for the upcoming year. By funding, I mean all caterpillars receive scholarships.

Upcoming flights – January 5-8 is college ladies, January 12-15 is college men.

Remember “the reason for the season.” Take time out of the hustle and bustle and read the Christmas story in the book of Matthew.


God bless,
David Hunt