Chrysalis – June 2015

Denise ChumleyWell, we’ve managed to make it to June and it seems like 2015 is flying by! As I saw somewhere recently, there are only 31 more Fridays until Christmas! Puts the rest of the year in a whole new perspective. At our last Chrysalis Board meeting, we talked about how busy everyone seems to be these days. Seems like there is no more “summer” that some of us more experienced folks can remember. Work. Church camps. Sports camps. Band camps. Mission trips. 4-H camps. The list can go on and on.

When was the last time we just stopped and just sat with God? Not necessarily through studying or reading, but just spending time with Him. I know the demands of our daily lives can overwhelm us to the point we think we just can’t do one more thing. Maybe if we got our answers from God before we start to do what we think we have to, we might be able to say no a little more often. I know I am guilty of that so much more often than not, but I am trying.

That being said, we are still looking for a Lay Director for the Young Men’s Journey coming up September 17-20. Please pray for us as a Board that the right names will be brought to mind, and that after sitting with Jesus, there will be an undeniable YES to start the process for the 5 young men that have already signed up for this Journey. From team selection through the first team meeting to be covered in prayer that these young men will be blessed, as we all were, with an experience like no other.

September 3-6 will be Young Women’s Journey #37 with Donna Burt at the helm. She is in the process of forming her team and would appreciate prayers for the right people to be put in place to love on the caterpillars that will be there. As of last count, we have 15 ladies signed up already so we are off and running.

Please be in prayer for more caterpillars to be placed on your hearts to bless with a Chrysalis experience. Applications as well as scholarship forms can be found on the website or get in touch with me or any other board member, and we’ll get them to you.

Again, if you have any questions about anything Chrysalis, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me or any other board member and we will get you answers.

Fly with Christ!

Denise Chumley