Chrysalis Sep 2018

We have some exciting Chrysalis news! 22 Young Women came to Journey #43 last weekend and the Lord moved in a mighty way. Sarah Tucker and team did a fantastic job. Many of these ladies reconnected to God and are now making disciples in their fourth days.

Young Men’s Journey #35 is fasting approaching as well! September 13-16th 2018 Kelton Coleman is the LD. Send your applications to: Jonathan Bloxom 806-632-4764 There is still room whom can you invite today?

Raffle tickets are at the print shop and will be ready for purchase in the next few weeks. We will have our annual dinner fundraiser December 8th at the Bayer Museum so save the date now you don’t want to miss this fun evening.

We will be doing team selections soon for the 2019 journeys. If you want to be pray fully considered to work these journeys please reach out and let us know. We need you and Christ is counting on you! Who can you invite to these Chrysalises? God is doing a new thing amongst our future leaders 18-25. Who in your circle needs this amazing experience?

This past year has flown for me! October 1st Trapper Burrus will serve Chrysalis as our new LD. It’s such a joy to work with Trapper on the board and I look forward to continuing to serve with him as Former Chrysalis LD for the remainder of 2018 and 2019. I cannot thank the Emmaus/Chrysalis community enough for all your love, prayers, and support that you have given our family during Joe’s cancer journey. He is doing well and is still receiving treatments every 3 weeks. We both have grown so much through these last 5 months. I’d like to share a little about what God has shown me. May this speak to you and bless you as it has me during this journey.

Doing big things for God is not some grand movement to shoot for in the future. Doing big things for God just means doing the very next thing he says. It’s the very next person you need to love on and forgive. It’s the very next person to tell about Jesus. It’s the very next temptation to resist. One decision at a time, we should seek to look at it the way Jesus does and trust him for the results.

Are you surviving life right now, or are you thriving through your life? Survivors tend to think that tomorrow will be easier, tomorrow will work out better, and if they can just get to tomorrow they’re going to be okay.

We’ll always anticipate another tomorrow and tomorrow will never fill us, but remember we are not guaranteed a tomorrow. Only Jesus will bring us fulfillment and peace now in this moment.
God wants us to see with the eyes of Christ right here and now. Only then will we see a purpose for being where he has us at this moment. He tells us to redeem the time, and the time is now. If I have learned anything these past 5 months it is live for Christ in this moment and let tomorrow take care of itself. Much love my friends!

Fly with Christ,
Susan Gillispie
Chrysalis Community LD