Epiphany June 2018

Some of the most rewarding moments of my life have come while working an Epiphany weekend! My name is Chris Seaton, and I have the awesome opportunity to serve on the local Epiphany team as well as serving on the State Board which gives oversight to all of the Epiphany weekends in Texas.

Epiphany Ministry is an interdenominational Christian ministry for young men and women who are incarcerated in juvenile correctional institutions. The weekend is much like a Kairos Inside experience but is geared for juvenile offenders. Our purpose is to share God’s love with the youth, known as “Stars” through a three-day short course in Christianity and an on-going follow-up program.

Both men and women are allowed to work together inside the facility on an Epiphany weekend. It’s a great place for both single adults and couples to share in ministry together!

Epiphany #23 will take place at the Garza County Regional Juvenile Center, October 12-14, 2018, in Post, Texas. Team meetings will be scheduled in the months prior to the weekend. If you would like to participate, need additional information, or would like to know how you can support a weekend through prayer or finances, please email me at chris@providingLIFE.org.