From the Desk of the Lay Director – Feb. 2017

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. What a great month to be reminded of how much each of us is loved. “For God so loved YOU that He gave His one and only Son so if YOU believe in Him, YOU will not perish but have everlasting life!” John 3:16. Put “YOU” or your name in this verse that gives us such a beautiful promise and it takes on a whole new perspective.

This February, as we spend time expressing our love to our Valentines, let’s spend some extra special moments expressing our love to the very creator of love. After all, “Love is of God”, 1 John 4:7. As we look to the cross, we can see exactly what true love is. True love is Christ dying for each and everyone of us.

This is a great month for our Community. First, we come together this Thursday, February 2, at the Dream Center for our monthly Community gathering. Please join us at the beautiful Talkington Center located at 1111 30th St. If this is your first time to attend, be there at 6:00 for the Babe Chick meeting. We’ll share a meal at 6:30 followed by a beautiful worship service at 7:15. Be sure and take time out of your busy schedule to come. It’s always such a blessing to get together with our Emmaus Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

Phone blasts are being made each month before community as a reminder to come. If you get a phone call from Donna Campbell please listen to her message for more information.

Women’s Walk 140 led by Bonnie Jean “BJ” Brooks is February 16-19. Hope to see you all on the Holy Spirit patio of Mercy Center on Thursday February 16 at 7PM for send-off. Then at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church at 8PM on Saturday, February 18, for Candlelight and again on Sunday, February 19, at 4PM for closing. There is still plenty of room for pilgrims on this walk. Please pray for who you can sponsor. God knows who belongs there. We just have to be His hands and feet and bring them. It’s going to be the “Best Walk Ever”, that’s a promise!

As a board, we have had several questions about how to serve on a team. We know there are lots of folks that have not served in a long time or perhaps never served at all. Be looking for another letter soon. We’ll be explaining this process to you in more detail and give you some information on what we hope will make it a little easier for you to let us know you want and feel called to serve in this capacity.

In the meantime, you’re needed in a lot of other ways. Please be open for God’s calling! He needs you to love on His children. There are many ways to do that right here in our own community. He needs folks to Angel during the Emmaus weekends, serve at the banquets, set-up and tear down for candlelight, make agape, bring food and in many other ways. You can also serve Him by being active in Chrysalis, Kairos, Kairos Outside and Epiphany. There is always a way for you to serve Him, just listen and watch and I promise He’ll show you how.

I sure hope you all have a beautiful month of love, His love! Let Him fill these cold days with His Sunshine and remember to send Him a lot of love right back because He’s the one that true love is all about!

Sheila Kirby