From the Desk of the Lay Director – Mar. 2015

BJ SchillingCommunity, you missed out if you couldn’t make it to any of the events for Women’s Walk #132 in February. We sent off a full walk and candlelight was amazing! God outdid himself over the weekend! As I prayed about what to write this month for the newsletter, I thought about something my pastor said this past Sunday –

“If what you did yesterday still looks awesome today, then you haven’t done enough today.”

I love studying the life of King David. You know, David faced a lot of foes in his day, from Goliath to huge armies, but conquered them all. What finally David on Rooftoptook David out was a gal on a roof top. At a time (Spring) when kings were supposed to be leading their troops into battle, David sat resting on his couch. Comfortable in the victories in his past as King; he got complacent. Instead of leading the battle that God commissioned him for, he got a bit too comfortable and he stumbled. He wasn’t defeated by the sword of a giant, or by the countless armies he battled, but by his complacency.

God has used Emmaus in the past to reveal Himself and his grace to each one of us. He continues to do that each and every time testimonies are told at closing. To that I say Praise God! But we, as a community, can’t rest in the past victories won on Emmaus weekends. To ensure that this tool that God has used so often in the past to shine His love and truth to countless peoples remains that same instrument in the future, we must not rest but continue to rise for battle; continue to strive forward in the ministry He has called us to.

On that note, there is a Young Mens Chrysalis coming up in March and a Men’s walk in April. As a member of this community, I ask you for your unending prayers, and all of the pilgrims and agape that we as this body can gather. Here is a quick list of upcoming events-

March 5th – Community Meeting – Westmont Christian Church – 4808 Utica – 6:30pm
March 19-22 – Young Men’s Chrysalis Journey
April16-19 – Men’s Walk #93

May God continue to bless each of you on your 4th days!

De Colores,
B.J. Schilling