From the Desk of the Lay Director – May 2016

Sheila KirbyGood morning my Brothers and Sisters in Christ, what a beautiful start to Summer or is that Spring, maybe Fall? My 88 year old mother’s life passage is from Ecclesiastes 3, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the Heavens: a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot…” I know it goes on from there but my question is, when God gives us all of that in West Texas in the same weekend does he laugh a little? I think so. I can’t wait to get to hear that laugh in Heaven and see Jesus with a big old smile on His face like the picture that hangs in the foyer at Church Without Religion. I know we can make Him smile and I pray I do that daily, even if it’s with my silliness.

I pray our community makes Jesus smile too. Smile by bringing His people all to one place to worship Him without the confinements of religious background, ethnicity and gender. Once a month we can all get together and just love Him. That’s what Emmaus is all about. One of my favorite things about our ministry is it’s ecumenical spirit. We all just love each other and more importantly, we all love Christ!

Join us at community this Thursday, May 5, at 6:30 at First Assembly of God Lubbock for fellowship immediately followed by a beautiful time of worship. If you’ve never been to a community gathering please come to the Babe Chick meeting at 6. This is an Emmaus event so don’t forget to bring food if you can. Snacks are great but many come from out-of-town so if possible,  please bring a meat, vegetable dish or a dessert so we can share a meal together.

One of the three main focuses we have identified as a community is to get our walks and journey’s full and to increase our attendance at our community events. The season we have gone through over the past couple of years is ending. We haven’t had to cancel walks or journeys in a while and God’s been filling our weekends up or at least sending more pilgrims and caterpillars then we have in a long time. When I went on my walk back in 1996 there was a long waiting list and every walk was full. That season is long gone but we can do it again. That would make my heart happy and I know bring a smile on Jesus’s face. Won’t you please help us accomplice that? The Holy Spirit already knows who is supposed to go. It’s our job to be His hands and feet and go out and reel them in! Just pray about who you can sponsor and I promise Christ will send them your way. Don’t forget there are half scholarships available. Please don’t let money stop you from sponsoring. The Lord will provide if you listen to the Holy Spirit.

Have a beautiful May and I can’t wait to see what season God has us in as weather wise and for OUR Emmaus family!


Sheila Kirby
Community Lay Director