From the Desk of the Lay Director – May 2019

Karen Cox

Good morning, Emmaus Community!  I am writing this on beautiful Easter Sunday, and I look up and thank Him we can stand on His Word—His eternal plan for us.  May the joy of the Lord wake you up each day.  May your path be smooth—smooth as peanut butter.  Have you ever tasted a warm peanut butter cookie when you were hungry?  It melts in your mouth, goes to your stomach and into your heart due to the kindness of another’s hand.  You take another bite of it and smile back real BIG—back at the hand that fed you, amazed—how kind it was of them to do that.  It totally got my attention and I watched the eyes of Christ in that lovely person as I finished that cookie.  A lifelong blessing it was and still is!  May we follow as His disciples with hunger and passion on His journey and path for each of us—daily.  Just like the two disciples on the path with Jesus to Emmaus who recognized Jesus when He broke the bread, may we recognize Him too as He lives in our hearts each day.  May we be watching for Him!

Please give a smile and a hug to Donna Campbell for a wonderful year of true servanthood!  She is a person who loves Emmaus, and yes, she is a working member one more year on the Emmaus Board.  She has also been known as the camera person, so you have probably seen her on earlier Walks and will no doubt see her taking team photos on future Walks!  


We welcome all who have gone on Walks to be part of our Emmaus family, whether you attended your Walk in the ‘80’s, 90’s or a year ago.  Come and enjoy the monthly Community meetings—YES, YES, YES LORD we love and welcome all who have gone on Walks!  May He stoke all of our hearts, turning embers into a fire within as we worship His Holy Name with great passion.  He knows our voices—your voice—and He loves to hear you speaking to Him!

On Easter, I received a call from someone who said they are aware of two people who went on a Walk fifteen years ago, but have never been contacted to work on a Walk.  That broke my heart.  May we reach out to those who were on earlier Walks and welcome them to our family!

To help with this, please make sure you update your information on the database.  Also, make it a priority to come on the first Thursday of each month to attend Community—a time to sing, fellowship, and receive the Lord’s sacraments.  May we be praying for a renewal of hearts!  Come as you can throughout this area, because we are One in Him!  We are always so joyous to see someone we haven’t seen at Community for a while as we share in the joy of the Lord!  Community, please come and be His servants—His hands and feet.


We will meet at Mercy Center on the patio on Thursday, May 2nd, at 6:30 for Send Off for the Chrysalis men.    Community will meet after Send Off at approximately 7:15 at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church.  We won’t have a meal that night but feel free to bring food agape for the Chrysalis men.  

Phone Blast reminders occur on the first Wednesday of the month at about 11:00 AM.  Donna Campbell will continue to do the Phone Blast.  If you would like to receive this monthly reminder, please contact her at 806 789 1008.

Board Members:  The Board is currently full.  Please feel free to contact any Board member with any questions you might have.

Media Person:  We currently have two people doing the media for the Community meetings, Candlelight, and Closing.  We desperately need more people to help with this vital portion of our ministry.  I would love for us to have at least six to eight people who could help, and they could then rotate for the various meetings.  Please pray about this ministry opportunity—it is an urgent need!  Please contact Donna Campbell at 806-789-1008 or Francis Daniels at 806-441-0808 if you would like more information about this.  

Looking forward to seeing YOU at the next Community Meeting at Mercy Center on May 2nd!

De Colores,

Karen Cox