From the Desk of the Lay Director

David Ehlers

July 2024

Hello Llano Emmaus Community!

I pray everyone is doing well and getting to enjoy their summer activities! Here is a list of upcoming fourth day events:

• Our next Community Gathering is Thursday July 11th at Agape Methodist Church. Located at 13 & Slide in Lubbock with a Babe Chick meeting starting at 5:45 then a Potluck dinner (Please bring some food to share) starting at 6:00 and Worship at 7:15. We have MW116 to pray over, so please be in prayer for that walk!

• MW116 is July 18-21 at Mercy Center. There is still room for Pilgrim’s so please get your men signed up!!! Please make plans to attend all the 4th day activities that you can and be the Body of Christ for these Men.

• WW167 is Aug. 8-11 at Mercy Center. Please get your Ladies signed up for this walk as well.

• August Community will be Aug. 1st at Lakeridge Methodist in Lubbock.

I want to take a minute and say Thank you to all of you for your prayers and support of our Emmaus Community! You truly are the Body of Christ and what a beautiful thing it is to see us working together to fulfill God’s plan. As your LD, I see all the different things that are going on in our community and realize the importance of each person’s role. There is no one role more important than the other. Without each other it simply wouldn’t work. It takes each of you to get it done. THANK YOU!!

In Matthew 5:1-12 Jesus teaches his followers about all the ways we are Blessed. We all fall into these Beatitudes in some way or another and we should be reminded just how Blessed we are. I’m guilty of looking at the situation I’m in rather than looking for the good that is to come from it. God has remained the same and his plan has always been to bring us good, not harm. We must always remember that as we go through life’s struggles, we grow! I encourage you as well as myself that no matter the circumstances we are in today, we are to look for THE BLESSING!! I recall a few months back I was looking forward to the warmer and longer summer days. As the saying goes, “be careful what you pray for.” Well warm and longer days have arrived and here we are looking for cooler and shorter days again. The point in this is that no matter what it is we want or ask for, we will ultimately want something else once we have it. I’m talking to myself here as well!! Just be Thankful in everything and the rest will work itself out. God is Good all the time even when I think it would be better another way. I can assure you that the enemy will try to tear us down and try to defeat us, but God has already won that battle. Thank you, Jesus, for taking my place on that Cross and for defeating death so we can have the promise of everlasting Life.

As we prepare for Men’s Walk 116, I encourage you to be involved as much as possible. There is Thursday sendoff, Saturday Candlelight, and Sunday Closing to show your support at. Also please remember to pray for the Pilgrims of these walks and those working them. I Pray Blessings and Peace over each of you as we continue our walk together.

David Ehlers
Community Lay Director