Kairos – January 2014

kairos logoKairos Inside Prison Ministry is a lay-led Christian ministry which conducts a highly-structured program for use in the medium-to-maximum security correctional institutions. Kairos starts with a 3 1/2 Day event, usually conducted on a weekend, which allows Participants to witness Christ’s Love through the servitude of Christian Kairos volunteers.

During this event, Participants are given the¬†opportunity to experience a religious renewal accepting God’s call to a life of Christian witness and service to one another during their stay in the institution, and beyond. After the weekend, Participants are encouraged to establish strong Christian communities within the institution to continue their spiritual formation.

The mission of Kairos is to share the transforming love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ to impact the hearts and lives of incarcerated men, to become loving productive citizens.

KAIROS 31 will take place at Montford Unit May 15-18, 2014. Team meetings are schedule for January 18, February 15, March 15, April pending. Time will be 8am-1pm at Community Christian Church located at 3417 96th St.

If you would like to participate in KAIROS or would like any additional information please contact Ed Comey at 806-241-3637 or at ecomeyk31@gmail.com.