Sponsoring a Pilgrim

If you are considering participating in a Walk to Emmaus for the first time, we kindly ask that you navigate away from this page. The Walk is a wonderful event that includes some potential life-changing moments. Much of what happens must be prepared in advance, which is the purpose of this page. So, in a effort to keep the surprises that await you intact, here’s a link that will carry you away to another place.

If you are considering sponsoring a pilgrim on a Walk, you may be wondering what your responsibilities are… especially if you’ve not sponsored anyone before. Once you make the decision to sponsor and actually sign-up, you will be sent a much more detailed document fully explaining the expectations of a sponsor. 

For now, here is a general overview:

  1. Hopefully, you remember the Agape letters you received on your walk. This is an important part of the 3-day journey and a big responsibility of the sponsor. You should start considering as soon as possible who you would like to contact about writing these letters. 
  2. You’ll need to communicate with their spouse about opportunities in which they could be involved, like candlelight and closing. 
  3. You’ll need to prepare your pilgrim for the walk, especially when it comes to what to pack, what to bring, what not to bring etc. (remember, all the details will come to you in a letter at a later time).
  4. You will need to deliver your pilgrim to the Walk location at the specified time and participate in the Send-off.
  5. You’ll need to attend the Sponsor’s Hour meeting immediately after Send-off. 
  6. Attend Candlelight, usually around 8:00PM on Saturday evening
  7. Attend Closing, usually at 3:30 PM on Sunday. If the spouse is not attending, you’ll need to take care of getting the pilgrim home. 
  8. While your pilgrim is at the Walk to Emmaus, you become the provider for their family.  Make yourself available for emergencies, fellowship time and spiritual support.
  9. There are other things that are not required, but are helpful, e.g. participating in the offering, helping with the luminaries before and after Candlelight, moving risers in and out of the building, etc.
  10. Pray. Start praying now. Don’t quit until…. well, don’t quit. 

The Walk to Emmaus is a powerful event that has made a difference in the lives of thousands of people. Thank you for considering making that difference in one more. 

If you need the forms and applications required to sponsor, they are located here.