Community Lay Director


Ladies and Gentlemen who are Past Lay Directors, if you have a passion of heart to serve and you have the desire to nominate yourself as a possible nominee for becoming a Community Lay Director please contact Karen Cox, (806) 773-5559 and leave your contact information on my voicemail. 

Your window of time is September 9th through September 23rd to respond unto Karen Cox if you desire to possibly undertake this job. 

Our board room has nominated people and their nominees are in already.  My thoughts were to open up and include our Past Lay Directors from our community.  Please pray over this position and listen to the LORD and know this is a big job to undertake. It would entail serving as an Assistant Community Lay Director during my term of 6 months that are left and my term ends March 31, 2020. Your job starts April 1st, 2020.  Be aware you will still have another year as a Past Community Lay Director as well.

This has been a different voting procedure in Llano Estacado Emmaus Community.  The board has voted in their nominees already unto me and you Past Lay Directors are welcome to put your names in as well. One of our goals is to include the community.

October 3rd is our community meeting at Agape United Methodist Church and perhaps we will have an answer who will serve as our Assistant Community Lay Director. 

Community Past Lay Directors thank you very much.  Please remember the window of time:  September 9th – Sept. 23rd.     806-773-5559 (Karen Cox)  


Karen Cox
Community Lay Director