From the Desk of the Lay Director – May 2021

Hello Llano Emmaus Community,

I pray you are all doing well. I had a bit of a scare week before last. I could tell my heart was beating fast. My Fitbit which is not always right showed my heart rate was 144. I went to the Heart Hospital and their equipment showed my heart rate was 165 pm. They managed to get it down to 124. The next morning it was all over the place, 124, 110, 84, etc. I had lots of friends and family praying for me. The nurse came in around 1:15 and asked if I had been told that my heart went back into normal rhythm at 12:30 pm. It has been normal ever since. They did the electrocardiogram, and my heart was normal. My blood work and enzymes were normal so the sent me home. It was a spiritual attack to try to keep me from working the Kairos Outside the next weekend, but God would not let it prevent me from working it.

At the Kairos Outside last weekend, God showed up and touched those ladies in a special way. It was a great weekend.

This month’s Community meeting will be Thursday May 6th at Lakeridge United Methodist Church at 4701 82nd Street. Brown bag meal at 6 pm. Bring your own meal and beverage and fellowship with all your friends in Emmaus. Masks are optional but please consider wearing one the protect each other. Community meeting will be at 7:15. Please come worship with us.

The following are the walks that are coming up.

  • Men’s Walk 107 – May 13 – 16 at Mercy Center
  • Women’s Walk 153 – June 24 – 27 at Mercy Center

Please be in prayer for these walks and sign up for agape.

Troy Brooks
Community Lay Director