From the Desk of the Lay Director – May 2018

They say there are only two things in life that are a given: death and taxes. I think there is a third: CHANGE. No one can go through life without change. Some good (thank God for the blessings) and some not so good (Thank God for walking with you during these times.)

I watched the pilgrims’ faces during send off. They waited with apprehension for their name to be called. They trusted their sponsors, but, there still was some uneasiness about the unknown.

When I first started coming to candlelight several years ago, I sat in the back of the church. I got to see the pilgrims’ faces when they first came through the door. Shock, wonderment?

Now, I sit at the front of the church. I do not see the first reaction, but I get a close view of the astonishment on their faces when they are climbing the risers and realize that these people are here for them. Their faces are glowing.

At closing, I get to sit next to them and watch their faces and listen to their testimonies. They are not the same people they were on Thursday night.

They formed a family during the weekend. Staying connected is the key. Please welcome the pilgrims of Men’s Walk #101 into your reunion group or start a reunion group with them. “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” – Matthew 18:20

The Chrysalis Community is hosting a fund Raiser on Saturday, May 5 at St Joseph’s Hall (21st and Division, one block west of Mercy Center) from 6 – 7:30 PM. Fajita dinner with all the trimmings. Then stay for candlelight at St Joseph’s Catholic Church at 8:00PM. If you have not been to a Chrysalis candlelight, you will enjoy it. Registration fees for all Chrysalis’ journeys are funded by fund raisers such as this. Please come and support the Chrysalis Community. They are asking for a $10.00 minimum donation.

Want to get involved?

Emmaus is looking for persons to fill the following committee positions:

Reunion Group Coordinator: This person helps keep the reunion lists on the website up to date. Will involve talking to community members about their reunion groups, pass an information sheet around at community and sending the information in to be updated on Website.
This will help babe chicks or other members get connected with a reunion group.

Babe Chick Trainer: This person meets with the babe chicks at the Community meeting at 6:00. They go over reunion groups, sponsorship training and ways to get involved with Emmaus.

Nominations Committee: Emmaus is looking for two people from the Community to serve on the Nominating Committee with the three Board members. This is a one year term and this committee is responsible for nominating Board Members of the Class of 2022 and Lay Directors for the rest of 2019 and for 2020.

Yes, you will get training (and much blessings) on these positions. Emmaus thanks Donna Altman (Babe Chick Trainer) and Lana Cawthron (Reunion Group Coordinator) for your service to Emmaus.

Please contact me or a Board Member if you are interested or want more information. Please pray about filling these positions.

Facebook: Llano Estacado Chrysalis/Emmaus

Upcoming Walks:

June 14-17 Women’s Walk #145
August 2-5 Women’s Walk #146
August 30-Sep 2 Young Women’s Journey #43
September 13-16 Young Men’s Journey #35
September 20-23 Men’s Walk #102

Community Meetings

Thursday, May 3, 2018, St Joseph’s Catholic Church, across from Mercy Center. Please meet at 6:30 for sendoff of the Young Men’s Journey #34 on the Mercy Center Patio followed by worship at 7:15 at St Joseph’s Church. There will be no meal this time, but please consider food agape for the Journey.
Thursday, June 7, 2018, Broadway Church of Christ 1924 Broadway. Bring food for the community meal, which will start at 6:30, followed by worship at 7:15.

If you wish to get a phone reminder of the upcoming Community gatherings, please send me an e-mail telling of the phone number you wish the phone blast to call. Make sure the number will accept a voice message. We are updating the database. My e-mail is

If you have any questions, please feel free to seek me or one of the board members. We do welcome your comments and suggestions.

Please continue to keep the Board in your prayers as they go about the business side of Emmaus.

De Colores,
Donna Campbell

From the Desk of the Lay Director – Apr. 2018

This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Our church went from the darkness of Friday night to the glorious beauty of Sunday morning. Our church looked so pretty decorated in its Easter finery and the message that God loved us so much that he gave his only son for us. WOW!

Let us rejoice each day in all the things God has given us. And make sure we thank him daily. Each of us have so many blessings; it is hard to name them all, and I am afraid that I do take them for granted at times.

It is a new year!!! On April 1, 2018, the Emmaus community has a new community lay director and four new board members.

My name is Donna Campbell, and I am so honored to be able to serve as your Community Lay director for the year 2018/2019. Remember, God will open new doors when old ones are closed. Be open to new opportunities and directions in your life. I do not think this was on my five year plan, but I am so excited about this blessing in my life.

Thank you retiring board members: Margaret Rohde, Judy Van Gilder and Rick Pinkerton.
Thank you for your service.

And, we welcome the new board members: Jan Watts, Judy Butcher, Mark Meurer and Monty Linder. We look forward to working with them during the upcoming year.

Could you please make a commitment to sponsor at least one pilgrim during the upcoming year? There are so many of your friends, church people, co-workers who could be strengthened and blessed by attending an Emmaus weekend. Please pray about it.

The website ( has a lot of information about community gatherings, upcoming walk dates and applications for sponsorship. Please go and check it out. If you receive this newsletter, you are on the e-mail list. Check with your Emmaus friends to make sure they are getting the newsletter also. If they do not, give them the website and there is a place for them to sign up. Also, we are on Facebook.


April 6-8, 2018 – Outside Kairos #15 This is a great ministry for women. If you have not worked an Outside Kairos, there are several of us who can tell you more about it.

April 12-15, 2018 – Men’s Walk #101 The agape book is full, but they can always use baked goods. There are still some spots available if you know of a man who needs a weekend of strengthening, blessings and agape love.

April 5, 2018 Oakwood Methodist Church, 2215 58th Street. Bring food for the Community Meal (6:30); worship will begin at 7:15

If you wish to get a phone reminder of the upcoming Community gatherings, please send me an e-mail telling of the phone number you wish the phone blast to call. Make sure the number will accept a voice message. We are updating the database. My e-mail is

If you have any questions, please feel free to seek me or one of the board members. We do welcome your comments and suggestions.

But, in closing, we do request you to continue to keep the Board in your prayers as they go about the business side of Emmaus.

De Colores,
Donna Campbell

From the Desk of the Lay Director – Jan. 2018

De Colores Community,

And just like that, a simple flip of a page on the calendar ushers in a new year. My prayer for each of us this year is that we grow in our relationships with the Lord, and build his kingdom here on earth.

This is a very special time of year in Emmaus. It is the time in which we seek new leaders to rise up and serve the community by being an active member of the Llano Estacado Emmaus Board. I ask each of you to read the following passage of scripture and prayerfully consider stepping forward by submitting your name for consideration to the nomination committee. Please just let one of the board members know of your interest and we will see to it that your information is passed along.

Jesus gave us a very special example of his expectation for leaders during the last supper in the upper room in Luke 22:24-30 (New International Version (NIV))

24 A dispute also arose among them as to which of them was considered to be greatest.25 Jesus said to them, “The kings of the Gentiles lord it over them; and those who exercise authority over them call themselves Benefactors. 26 But you are not to be like that. Instead, the greatest among you should be like the youngest, and the one who rules like the one who serves. 27 For who is greater, the one who is at the table or the one who serves? Is it not the one who is at the table? But I am among you as one who serves. 28 You are those who have stood by me in my trials. 29 And I confer on you a kingdom, just as my Father conferred one on me, 30 so that you may eat and drink at my table in my kingdom and sit on thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel.

In addition, we have a critical servant’s role to fill in our community. After many wonderful years of service, Mike Smith has requested that we allow him to retire as the servant who keeps our community supplied with the necessary materials to support our walks, journeys and other Emmaus events at the Mercy Center.

First and foremost, we extend our sincere appreciation to Mike for his humble service in the background which for some time now has ensured the success of many events. My guess is that for many of you the cross on your lanyard, worship booklet that you use at community and packet information that you received when you went on your walk, journey, or chrysalis was most likely ordered by Mike and delivered to the Mercy Center. Also, if you have taken a snack during breaks or drank a cup of coffee at the Mercy Center you have used one of the supplies that Mike picked up and delivered.

Please join me in extending gratitude to Mike for all he has done to make us successful. I know that someday each of us that have been touched by his service will hear loud and clear ‘Mike, Well done thy good and faithful servant!’

In case you need a reminder, just flip the cross on your lanyard over and read the words again, ‘Christ is counting on you.’ Please reach out to a board member and let us know that you are willing and able to serve our community in any capacity, on the board, as the supply servant, or on a team. We will get you in contact with the right people!

In Christ,

Rod Smith

Upcoming Opportunities

January Community Gathering: January 4, 2018
St. Joseph’s Slaton
205 19th St
Slaton, TX 79364

Note: Worship begins following Young Women’s Chrysalis Journey Sendoff. No meal, please consider bringing agape (food or pillow) for the caterpillars.

Young Women’s Journey #42: January 4-7, Ashdon Hancock – Lay Director

Women’s Walk #144: February 15-18, 2018, Diane Qubty – Lay Director

Kairos Outside #15: April 6-8

Young Men’s Journey #34: May 3-6, Ryan Rathmann – Lay Director

From the Desk of the Lay Director – Dec. 2017

De Colores Community,

Recently I began attending a new men’s bible study with a friend in another town. The group has been meeting for some time now and they are quite a fun bunch of men to spend time with. At first the method of study was a bit foreign to me as they had chosen a particular book of the bible each week reading a chapter or two, taking it at face value and then having a short discussion on what they learned. I had quite a laugh when the first week that I attended one of the men ask which chapter they had gotten to and another replied ‘Exodus 35, it seems like we have been in Exodus forever…’ Well can you just imagine how they must have felt back in the day?

Earlier today I received a phone call letting me know that we needed to find a place for our December Llano Estacado Emmaus Community meeting due to a gas leak at Generations Church. Unfortunately, the leak will be costly to fix and cannot be repaired in time for our meeting. My first thought when I heard the news was about how difficult it must be having a significant expenditure at this time of year. Please join me in prayer for Ed Ainsworth and the congregation at Generations for God’s provision and abundant blessing during this Christmas season.

Pastor Joseph Fly has generously offered Cooper United Methodist Church to host our Community Gathering on short notice. It’s the little things that really make a difference this time of year, and the blessing of a place to be in community in a small way gives a nod to the reason for the season. Let’s pack this place and sing praises to our King!

In Christ,

Rod Smith

Upcoming Opportunities

• December Community Gathering: December 7, 2017
Cooper United Methodist Church
16612 Loop 493, Lubbock, TX 79423
(approximately 2 blocks south of Cooper High School)

• Young Women’s Journey #42: January 4-7, Ashdon Hancock – Lay Director

• Young Men’s Journey: January 11-14

• Women’s Walk #144: February 15-18, 2018, Diane Qubty – Lay Director

From the Desk of the Lay Director – Sep 2017

De Colores Community,

Two weeks ago, millions of Texan’s lives were forever changed by hurricane Harvey.  Thankfully few lost their life and for them I pray that they knew Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Our daughter Kristen moved to Houston in August of last year to begin her career in consulting.  A couple of months ago Kristen’s roommate Carol purchased a home off of 610 and I-10 in west central Houston.  Carol and Kristen are both recently engaged, preparing for their weddings, and looking forward to the future.  

I know that Kristen was well prepared for life away from home largely due to an amazing Christian mother, my wife Susie.  Susie taught them to be frugal in their finances, strong in their faith, and generous with their time.  In addition, Kristen has surrounded herself with an incredible group of like-minded friends in Houston for strength and support.

In the days before the hurricane we spent many hours on the phone with Kristen talking through her decision to remain in Houston, discussing how to prepare for possible outcomes, and establishing options to escape to higher ground if needed.  And then, we turned it over to the Lord and placed our faith in Him to protect our little girl.

Kristen’s fiancé Brayden, Carol’s fiancé John and another couple decided to come together and join forces at Carol’s house to ride out the storm.  It was unclear where the flooding would occur and over the course of the weekend the water rose to the first step of the home several times.  It was touch and go, but they were blessed as water never entered the home.

Immediately following the flooding this incredible group of friends dispersed in the community volunteering in shelters, and helping families begin the recovery process.  It is simply amazing how God is working thru people who are loving and caring for those in need following the storm.

Here on the South Plains it seems like we are in a different world with little to no direct impact from the storm.  However, I know that many of you like me were impacted through family and friends who suffered great loss.  I pray for healing, recovery and renewal for each and every person. 

Father we praise you in this storm and we humbly ask for your blessings to pour out on the people impacted by hurricane Harvey.  Bless the hands that serve and multiply the offering given bringing glory to your kingdom on earth.  Amen

In Christ love,

Rod Smith
Community Lay Director
Llano Estacado Emmaus

Upcoming Opportunities

  • September Community Gathering: September 7, 2017
  • Agape United Methodist Church
  • 1215 Slide Road, Lubbock, TX 79416
  • Young Men’s Journey: September 14-17, Dustin Johnson – Lay Director
  • Men’s Walk #100: September 21-24, Glenn Campbell – Lay Director
  • Kairos Outside #14: Donna Merrick – Weekend Leader